Dedicated to sustainability

Sustainability is not just a vision at Implenia – it is lived and breathed every day. We focus on striking a sustainable balance between financial success and social and environmental responsibility in everything we do.

Our daily goal – sustainable products and services

We are aware of both our responsibility towards society and towards our employees, which is why health and safety at work and the continuing education and training of our employees have the utmost priority. We offer sustainable products and services and are committed towards handling the environment with care.

We have a great deal of freedom when it comes to our own real estate projects. This includes construction projects that Implenia designs, plans and often also implements ourself from scratch as project developer. In this way, we can influence important factors – such as location, architecture, building concept and energy concept – from an early stage. This then has a decisive effect on sustainability in all subsequent phases of construction.

Our objectives and achievements to date can be found in the latest Group Sustainability Report.